Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Military Operations: Benchmark - Have You Tried It?

The benchmark for this very promising PC war game that will bring WWII alive from Armies through Platoons has been released already.

From the early version of the benchmark that I showed you before, there have been plenty of optimizations and additions.

The one feature that got me very excited about is the maneuver graphics/orders, which apparently the player will be able to draw himself and let the AI to execute the details.

I can hardly wait to see a Corps move into battle at a place of my choice. There is going to be a lot of learning about your virtual subordinates, so I'm reading myself for a command experience not for the faint of heart.

Another highlight is the engine's ability to show you the theater of operations at different angles and still keeping the player with a very good perception of key strategic locations the distances involved in the operation. In these departments, for the France '40 scenario featured in the benchmark, this war game by far surpasses any other game I have played.



Anonymous said...

That battle's so big you can see the curvature of the earh!

JC said...

LOL. Yeah!

Bil Hardenberger said...

From what I read on their site, the largest battle will be two Divisions per side (50,000 actors total), I doubt you will see Armies in any battle any time soon. Please correct me if that has been updated.

The lack of multiplayer makes it a non-starter for me, that's what kills Graviteam's games for me too. I also do not have, nor do I ever plan on having, a Steam account.

Trout said...

Bill Hardenberger,

I understand your reluctance to Steam but you are missing out on a very good wargame in Mius Front. I dislike Steam as well but chose to make an exception for Graviteam on this one.