Sunday, July 15, 2018

CMANO - To Know Tactics, Know Technology

Please check out my latest video about learning tactics. I'm playing the Black Gold Blitz scenario from the Command Live series and I wanted to share some thoughts.

In particular, I wanted to cover the following:

-Assorted commentary about how to learn tactics
-Commentary on the Black Gold Blitz scenario (from the Command Live series)
-Firing of Storm Shadow missiles to strike assorted Iranian oil infrastructure.

And last but not least, Fleet Tactics and Naval Operations has its 3rd edition out! The new edition features expanded content.



Anonymous said...

JC, can you elaborate what's new in the 3rd edition of the Fleet Tactics?

JC said...


The book is thicker but the amount of pages is almost equal (maybe a different quality of paper was used?).
The new edition's contents are almost the same as the previous one. I would say that ~80% of the content is the same.
The new edition features some re-arrangements in content that result in a more logical and cogent flow of ideas.
The new content is mainly about net-centric warfare and un-manned vehicles.


Anonymous said...