Sunday, June 24, 2018

Falcon 4 BMS - Update 5 - Somalia Theater of Operations

In one form or the other, it has been two decades on Falcon for me.

This week, Falcon BMS got an update (U5), which is mainly for the multiplayer gameplay. And also the release of  project that I heard about but never followed up: The Somalia theater of operations.

Somalia contains three campaigns:

The Odgen War (1977-1978). 
Based in the real war. Quoting the manual:
This campaign is set around August 1978 when Somali Army Forces had conquered the greatest portion of Ethiopian territory during the two-year conflict. Just like the real war, Somali’s armored units have encroached onto Dire Dawa and are threatening the valley roadway to the Ethiopian Capital of Addis Ababa. In the north, units are rapidly closing on Djibouti’s capital city.

Operation Star (circa 1995-1999)
A fictional campaign. Quote from the manual:

[...] a terrorist group, based on Northern Somalia and financed by the Persian Gulf oil barons, has performed a series of major terrorist attacks in both Europe as well as America. 
NATO, using Ethiopia as a base of operations has begun an assault into the Horn of Africa in order to capture the masterminds of the terrorist attack. The neighboring Persian Gulf countries become incensed and see the attack as an invasion of the region by foreign powers

The Strait
This one is a WIP but making good progress.

I'm not very fond of flying anything else but the Falcon in BMS, so I went straight into Operation Star and flew a few missions already.

I'm playing as part of the 101st Squadron (NATO) and the campaign is not overly difficult. But I have to tell you, the Somalis have adequate hardware to fight back and its not a cake walk.

There is plenty of desert to fly around and the enemy ground forces are very well dispersed. Fortunately, we have AWACS available and the air war has just started.

If you are interested, get to the links below. I believe you will need to be registered to BMS to access them, though:


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