Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Scourge of War Waterloo/Wavre - The Wrong Side of the Dyle

As with all things NorbsoftDev, the tactical challenges of even the smallest scenarios are not scripted but rather self-inflicted by the decisions you make.

As part of the French 14th Division, my Brigade made it to the Dyle river ahead of all the rest of the Corps. I was quickly ordered to secure a crossing near Bierges, which is defended by a Prussian Brigade.

I ordered the three Battalions of the 9th Light Infantry Regiment to rush the enemy from the crossing. My decision for doing this is that I want to minimize the exposure to a Prussian artillery battery which is still trying to figure out if its going to target my infantry men or the French artillery on my right flank.

Prussian deployment across the Dyle River.

A mad dash of men, which I ordered to move forward without any formation decor. It was chaos, but it was beautiful. A Prussian Battalion occupying the far bridge just gave way.

A second Prussian Battalion on the far side of the Dyle was not so convinced to give up without a fight and my troops, just across the river resorted to cold steel.

The melee lasted a few minutes and my troops actually routed the enemy, but their morale and uneasiness grew as they watched Prussian reinforcements move in a counter attack.

I just moved across the river to heighten the morale, placing myself in the objective (gold icon) and I watched in horror as my men retreated back across the Dyle river. The Prussians have spooked them to oblivion.

The Prussians didn't spare time re-securing the crossing. My couriers carrying orders to my troops were downed one by one (their corpses and mounts in the foreground of this screenshot) by enemy fire.
I ended up this scenario completely out of command and trying to find a ford to get back into my troops.



Anonymous said...

Very nice example of good engine.
Wish there were more games like this were orders are not perfectly executed and troops like in real life shit them self and run away just on the sight of the enemy.
Chris Ad

UsF said...

Did they improve the engine performance from the graphical side? It ran badly and that wasn't connected to the amount of stuff happening at once, because when you paused it, it had the same framerate and when you cut down on the view distance by looking downwards, it ran much better.