Friday, April 13, 2018

Arma 3 Tanks DLC - First Blood

The much awaited DLC finally made it to the playing list of the dwellers of the Arma 3 virtual world.

The enemy: two T-140 Angara tanks.

After a few miles of cross country riding and hundreds of armor-piercing rounds fired, I quickly threw an scenario in the editor. In this scenario a section of two CSAT T-140 Angara Armata tanks is moving through a valley in Altis. My crew quickly notices them cresting a hill near Gravia, and we are game.

From the commander's sight, two CSAT tanks moving towards our position. The range is around 3.7 km.

Although I can hit targets beyond 3 km, my Rhino MGS UP "tank destroyer" is under-armored enough to warrant a cautious approach.

So, making use of the high mobility of the Rhino, I order my crew to race towards a battle position from which I can get the enemy tanks from the flank.

The commander's station of the Rhino.

The un-buttoned view is very helpful to precisely point the driver to its destination.

On our way to the battle position, I realized how much I underestimated the height of the hill where I wanted us to be. A nervous over the shoulder look to check for enemy tanks on the valley below.

The gunner's station.

The gunner's sight in the narrow field of view mode.

Hull down, but at the very top of a hill. Not what they taught me at armor school.

Tank! The first two rounds scored, but didn't stop the tank. The next round just bounced off the armor.

Target! It took no less than four rounds to stop the enemy beasts. Shots fired at my tank went over our turret. The enemy's aiming was not so good.

The two tank kills we scored were evident not by the enemy tanks blowing up, but by the enemy crews bailing out.

But we made sure to force some fireworks with additional armor piercing rounds.

Mission accomplished.



badanov said...

I s'pect the T-140 is an analogue for the Russian T-14 Armata

Johan said...

Yes, it is based on the Armata. All the "futuristic" weapons and vehicles in Arma 3 are actually based on existing designs. More information on the weapons and their real life counterparts here: Link

JC said...

Thanks for reading and the information.