Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Check Your 6! - Preview

Scott Fisher's miniature gaming masterpiece takes off to the digital skies under the skillful pilotage of The Lordz Games Studio and fueled by the powerhouse war game publisher Slitherine.

I've seen the miniatures Check Your 6! played at every single war gaming convention I have attended and it is no secret that the rule set created by Mr. Fisher is simply the best. Simple, quick, intense and no-nonsensical enough to entertain real fighter pilots.

Being a combat flight simulator enthusiast, I had my reservations against a turn-based air combat war game. But I have to tell you that all of them flew throw the window (pun not intended) as soon as I started to play and translate my flight simulation experiences into a turn and hexes based environment.

Yes, off course, there are plenty of abstractions everywhere. Even the animations sometimes look uncanny for the virtual fighter pilot in me. But in the end, the pleasure of managing a formation of fighters against enemy bombers is worth the price of admission.

Can I afford a steep climb with my fighters, just to get level with the enemy bombers at a miserable low speed that will guarantee easy targets for the gun crews? Should I send a green pilot against that juicy target, risking him spending all his ammo in bad aimed shots (green pilots are notoriously trigger happy in the game)?  Is it better to take that enemy fighter in an up front shootout with a low chance of hitting him, or should I try to get into his tail? If the later is true, should I go for a wide and energy saving turn? Or just pull some serious Gs and loose a lot of airspeed in a tight turn?

I am confident that this war game is going to be a great success. For the miniature gamer this is a guaranteed buy.

For the air combat flight simulator enthusiasts, it will be up to them how much they can detach from their HOTAS and explore these new skies. But the questions I was asking above are taking from my first forays in Check Your 6!. And they sound like air combat. Just saying.

Release date is tomorrow.



Bil Hardenberger said...

Looks like a very unique and interesting game design. Might have to check it out. Thanks Julio.

Erich said...

Is this any different than the classic “Achtung Spitfire!” and “Over the Reich” games from back in the 90’s? I love those and still play them on a Win98SE VM I have set up.

JC said...

Bil! How are you doing? Great to have you around!

Erich: thanks for your comment. Similar in spirit but CY6! is centered around the miniatures game and rules.