Monday, January 22, 2018

Graviteam Tactics Mius Front and Tank Warfare Tunisia - Close Engagement Mode

Not feeling like playing a campaign or a relatively large scenario? No time to edit a small scenario?

The "Close Engagement Mode" has been around since the beginning of the year, and it allows you to fight a smallish battle without the editing overhead.

Choose the lower right icon: "Come into Battle"

Customizable, but off course with less troops on the ground.

According to the press release back in 05Jan18:
1) Some of the AI automation is disabled
2) Delays for AI are reduced
3) Battlefield size is 1x2 km
4) Forces are picked up by squads (units), not by platoons
5) Minimum battle time
6) Maximum automation of choice of battle parameters and composition of forces
7) A separate choice of support
8) Added automatically created key points
9) Disabled modifier editing mode and loading of user interface settings

In this close engagement battle, a handful of US troops are facing German armor. This anti-tank team is in a ditch and harassed the enemy assault guns with their bazooka. Unfortunately, they missed. But the German tanks completely ignored them (maybe they didn't see them) and continued forward.

A German halftrack showed up in front and there goes another round.

Target! But not a kill ...

The AAR tool revealed a single hit to the front that didn't damage the vehicle's mobility or crew. The crew members were actually killed by a group of US artillery spotters.

Quick, easy and no less intense. Kudos to Graviteam for continuously improving and adding features to their engine.



Marco Diaz said...

Nice, I'll give it a try, some times you get home late and you want the fix, but the appeal to pass time adjusting to many troops is kind of offputting.

martin said...

Looks cool.thanks