Sunday, January 7, 2018

Combat Actions: Vietnam

This game was recently released by Digital Gameworks. It's a turn and hexes based game, with plenty of abstractions and focused in simplicity and fast gameplay.

Please join me in a short video recap of my initial thoughts about this game.

The new game from Digital Gameworks shows a collision between abstracted features and designs that knock down the fun of fighting in the jungle. The inability to stack at least two men into the same hex quickly escalates into an ugly morass of  lack of mutual support, diluted firepower and limited mobility. On top of that, the appalling good marksmanship of North Vietnamese recruits and the Tomahawk-like guiding of their RPGs transform this game into a wheel of fortune.

As mentioned in the video, something smells funny under the hood of this game engine, and is coming mainly from the compartment that stores the fire resolution tables.



Kierran Manier said...

Thank you for this video. At the beginning you mentioned Defcon-2 game, could you add video from it too? Thank you. Kierran

JC said...

Thanks for watching. Let me try by the end of the work week.