Saturday, June 17, 2017

Steel Division Normandy 1944 - Gameplay Video and Commentary

Aren't you dying to see gameplay footage of your old rusty host playing at turtle speed? :)
Well, I am not getting any younger, so that's all I have for now.

On a serious note, if you have not played Steel Division, please take a look at the video. Sorry about the voice audio being so low, I will fix that in later videos.



Crécy said...

Thanks for the video JC! One note though, please do disable the in-game musics as well for future videos :).

JC said...

Thanks for wataching, and yes! I should disable it.


Anonymous said...

I would like to hear your comments about this game, but yes, the music ruins it for me. Could not get more than a few minutes into the video.

Hope for better sound next time :)

Bil Hardenberger said...

Love your accent JC ;)

This game looks interesting.. map is gorgeous... not so sure about the gameplay. I need to look into it more.

Thanks for posting the video, very informative.

Brad Stafford said...

I would want single player pause option, otherwise interesting game.

Kzi said...

Nice video,I just played the game,cool indeed.

JC said...

Hello and thanks for reading. I will be posting another gameplay video soon.
Bil! Nice to see you. Your blog is great.