Friday, June 30, 2017

Steel Beasts ProPE v4.019 - One Railroad Crossing at Hameln

This mission is more about practicing the deployment and use of the Milan ATGM launcher.

One T-72 Soviet tank was unfortunate enough to throw his tracks at a railroad crossing. His turret drive is also damaged from previous combat (the crew can still crank the turret manually, which is a slow process).

I'm in command of a Marder IFV and my mission is to destroy this tank. The grenadiers I'm carrying have a Milan ATGM launcher and there is no way I'm going to succeed taking out the enemy T-72 from the front so I move quickly towards the tank's left flank. The Soviet T-72 can be seen in the far background, along with a repair truck. The enemy tank crew could not turn the turret in time to shoot my IFV as it dashes along the streets of Hameln.

A Soviet Rifle Company is moving towards the tank and we don't know how spread they are. My troops dismount cautiously under the cover of the Marder.

I take command of the ATGM launcher team as they start moving to a firing position.

My team is not under the support of the IFV anymore, so all around security will be an issue.

Gazebo, 1 o'clock! And tank (far in the background).

The view from the target acquisition system of the Milan ATGM. It's all blurred because of the grass in front of my launcher. I've learnt to keep a distance from tanks while using the Milan. One reason is the obvious mean weaponry of a main battle tank. The other is that the missile travels so fast that being close denies me to steer it properly. I don't know if Steel Beasts models the minimum arming distance of this missile.

Want another one, sir! My team stands by me at the ready with a second missile. It is very likely we have been detected, so it is time to bug out ...
One nice touch in Steel Beasts is how infantry gets tired when the equipment they carry is heavy. But I don't hesitate in having them on the double while getting out of trouble.

Mount! Hurry up!

One last peak at the target area. The truck was a bonus target which I easily took out with my autocannon.

And then we are out of the city.


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Marco Diaz said...

Nice urban mounted op, the aproach was flawless.