Monday, June 19, 2017

Arma 3 Jets DLC - AI JTAC

Yesterday I posted this video in YouTube.

As I mentioned it there, the point of the Jets DLC is not flight, avionics or procedural simulation but rather about having weapons in the air to support the main show. Which is the infantry fight.

So this video was a tryout for future missions. For sure, I want to land the Wasp on a carrier. But also I want to use the air to ground missiles, and the mini gun.

So, stay tuned for future missions based around the Jets DLC.


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Leon said...

To improve your ArmA experience I'd seriously recommend adding some mods, in this case ACE3 which (among other things) adds in fragmentation. It will make every grenade toss much more risky and that bomb would have wiped out the entire squad.