Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 - The Principle of Mass

Tanks, open desert. Infantry is optional.

One fine morning in Africa and I'm in command of a US tank battalion. And some infantry that I left at the line of departure. The Germans, dug in some two Km from my tanks. With a mix of medium tanks and support vehicles, they chose to control the objective with their fires rather than with their tracks.

Contact didn't come cheap. The armored tip of our spear got hit with a long range shot. 

This platoon got two tanks hit and had a hard time locating the Germans. A small rise in the terrain isolated the US platoon from the rest of the battalion. The principle of mass took a vacation from our movement to contact and the consequences were evident.

My infantry didn't move from the LoD and rested comfortably in a small village, out of sight.
The array of German defenses, all dug in, was impressive. 

But once all our tank battalion got them in their sights, the fires were overwhelming for them.

All of the sudden, we are charging through the German position. Firing at close range. Note the low energy round bouncing off the tank on the left.

A birds-eye view of the German position, with the US tanks closing on the remnants.


Marco Diaz said...

Nice, the tank in those features is the king but there is also good terrain in the wadis for an ambush with infantry and at guns. The game is going to receive an expansion with the british so this game is getting bigger. Love this graviteam games.

George Ross said...

I'm very curious how your experiences with this one will continue!

Almost all my fighting in the Graviteam series so far has been on relatively close-quarters terrain, and this is pretty much the opposite. Definitely interested to see how it plays out in a WWII desert setting :)