Monday, May 22, 2017

Chains of War - DLC/Standalone for Command Modern Air Naval Operations

155 mm shells crossing the waters towards enemy targets near Yonan, Krangyong and Changyong. Our eclectic hunter killer group of aging Type 214s and 209-1200s can't locate a radar contact just a handful of miles south of the island of Chodo. Two North Korean vessels (hopefully just gunboats) just sailed out of the Sagot naval dock. Our Block 52 F-16CJs had unleashed a handful of AGM-88B missiles against SAM defenses opposite our installations in Yeonpyeong Island. A flight of North Korean Mig-23s is flying south from Pukchang, rabid for a kill.

WarfareSims and Matrix/Slitherine just got you into another war, and just 6 minutes into it, it gets you sweating. Even when you are winning so far.

Yes! We now have detailed aircraft damage modelled into the engine.

This DLC is a bit unusual because it is a standalone with the full game engine or a DLC if you already own CMANO.

The campaign is well designed, entertaining and challenging. You get to play as the USN, the USAF, the Chinese Armed Forces and the South Korean Armed Forces. Watch out for a massive/mega scenario ("Okinawa Bound") that features amphibious landings. It's a 3 day monster that will require some thoughtful play from you.

There are also 4 bonus scenarios, ranging from battles of the Cold War to some 1990's skirmishes between the US and China.

From the Matrix/Slitherine website, these are the main updates to the engine.

  • NEW! Communications disruption by network/cyber attack or any other arbitrary factor: Isolated units realistically limit their tactical awareness to only what they themselves can detect and engage, and are completely of their parent side's control. Say goodbye to Borg-view of the battlefield!
  • NEW! Cargo, landing and airdrop operations. Load mobile forces on ships, aircraft and even submarines, and unload them on any suitable point on the battlefield. Platforms are realistically limited by volume, weight and crew on what they can transport.
  • NEW! Comprehensive damage model for aircraft. Aircraft may be shot down outright or receive damage that will still allow them to limp back home. Different aircraft can absorb different punishment on their fuselage, cockpit and engines. Depending on the amount of damage received a plane may be "mission killed" if its repairs take so long that it misses the fight.
  • NEW! Advanced weapons for the new age of war. Tactical EMP weapons, railguns, high-energy lasers and more 

Join me to explore these new and exciting features in future posts. Right here at your favorite blog!


Anonymous said...

Looking for more stories....

Filippo said...

I feel huge respect for people that can play such complex modern warfare scenarios.
I tend to build my own scenarios, with fewer units and simplier goals, and I'm happy with Chain of War new features that improve gameplay ''granularity''

Chris said...

My big regret in gaming is not taking the time to learn this game. Maybe soon!

George Ross said...

This game is worth the time to learn and more than worth the asking price, and CoW sure delivers :)

I'm still kicking myself for the fact that I got into CMANO about 2 years late - but I've been very much making up that time since!

Johan said...

This sim does require a lot of time to master, but the basics are quite straight forward. Here is a short blog post covering the basics, which should be enough to get a new player started:

90% of what it takes to play Command