Friday, April 21, 2017

Combat Mission Fortress Italy Got the "Engine 4" Treatment

And what an enjoyable game continues to be. I am in the process of revisiting my favorites scenarios and I noticed that many of them play differently than in previous iterations. Most noticeable for me is the behavior of infantry.

One more bazooka team out of action. Screenshot from "Catch a Tiger", a favorite of mine that teaches  you the value of delaying contact with the enemy.

From the same scenario, a bazooka team fires one round against the front of an immobilized Tiger tank. Note how spread the two men team is.
In this scenario, the improved behavior while being fired upon with HE rounds may play against the US team. Which gives players an excuse to replay it.

Another screenshot from my unpublished scenario "Rangers and  Engineers at Gela". The new and improved peeking around corners behavior is evident in the screenie.  The Italian Mobile Group E is approaching in the background. This scenario will need some serious tweaking.

This scene from the "Devils to Isernia" shows that even relatively good-trained and within-command-range infantry is very reluctant to keep a position if they are being fired at with enough intensity. The grenadier on the right and the one in the background had enough and are pulling back, seemingly without regard of friendly fire (that MG42 on the left). 

These paratroopers from an scenario named "The Keep at Majella" have been fired upon by a German anti-aircraft gun on the other side of the slop. They are excused for their retreat. 


Peter Scarrott said...

Just started playing my first CMFI 2.0 Engine 4.0 game. It looks interesting.

Makes the most interesting Combat Mission even more ....errrrr "interesting, but in a good way."

Anonymous said...

I knew I recognized those first 2 screenshots... ;) Seeing it here and reading your comments brought a big smile to my face!

I'm also excited about the continual upgrades to CM that end up enriching the scenarios to an even greater degree than the when they were designed. I'm looking forward to checking it out.


JC said...

Thanks for your comments, gents.

Peter: yes, watch out for withdraws for both sides.

tFS: Great having you around. You create great content for CM!