Monday, February 6, 2017

DCS: AJS37 Viggen (Beta) - Screenshots and Quick Look

The beta for the AJS37 Viggen, developed by Leatherneck Simulation has been out for more than a week. This version of the Viggen is an attack aircraft in essence, featuring a very nice array of weaponry and capabilities. And, yeah, it is very photogenic.

In this blog post, a quick look at the DCS Viggen. More screenshots than anything else ...

Flying so low that you can smell the Black Sea! Anti-ship missions are always very interesting. In this mission I'm flying against a Russian frigate.

The Viggen, cruising off the coast of Georgia.

In a cold morning like this ... The Viggen takes off from Batumi airport towards the Black Sea. Two Sidewinder missiles, a center pylon fuel tank, and two Rb04 anti-ship missiles.

The cockpit has all the kinks of Swedish engineering. Plus it is in English. But it is up to DCS's study sim standards.

For the ground attack role, the virtual Viggen can fire the the TV-guided Rb 75 (AGM-65A/B) missiles. The Viggen is so fast that most of the time you will find yourself outrunning your own missiles.
Acquiring targets for the Rb 75 is done using the EP-13 collimated sight mounted to the right of the heads up display.

This is a RB-05A, a radio-controlled air to ground missile that is guided  towards its target by the pilot. A flare in the back of the missile helps the pilot to visualize the missile while in flight.

High drag bombs being released from low altitude.

The impact separation of the high drag bombs can be adjusted down to 10 meters. Pretty good for small and sturdy targets like the bridge in the background.

By far, my favorites are anti-ship missions. Here it is a view from the cockpit while I approach a Russian warship. So low that it looks like I'm sailing instead of flying.

The radar can pick up ships from as far as 100 km. This target (the black smudge among all the green from the sea) is a relatively small frigate.

A pair of Rb 04 anti-ship missiles heading towards their targets. Note how they fly so low. Scary to be on the other end.

Well, I just needed to see ... Once you fire an Rb 04 anti-ship missile, you break and get the hell out of there. I was lucky that the frigate crew was kinda busy trying to shoot down my missile (see the impacts of the warship's point defense system matching the missile's smoke trail). For some reason, the missile didn't hit the ship but fell short into the water. Maybe it was shot down?

A view of the HUD. Note the symbology used, so sui generis.

Landing the virtual Viggen is relatively easy, thanks to the auto-throttle.

Landings have an additional treat: reverse thrust. This is activated by pulling that lever bellow the smaller green light. The reverse thrust will activate as soon as the front wheels touch the ground.

The reverse thrust is activated by a system of flaps that close the engine ejector (they look like a mitral valve) and redirects the exhaust forward.

Another awesome flight completed. Time to hit the o'club.



Ghost0815 said...

You should (after full startup but still standing on the ground) switch on the CK-37 computer to TAKT and put 666 in and confirm your input with LS/SKU.

Tor said...

I'm sorry to be "that guy", but the exhaust flaps look like the tricuspid valve more than the mitral valve... (DCS'ing anesthesiologist reporting in!)

Great post as always! :)

Johan said...

This day, February 8, marks the 50 year anniversary of the first flight of the Viggen, in 1967. But of course, what we have in DCS is an updated version, from the 1990s.
Anyway, as a swede, I am happy to see a Swedish aircraft in DCS.

Paolo said...

Nice write up and very VERY pretty pictures!
I was just wondering if the CHormatic Distorsion in the EP-13 collimated sight are realistic or not.

I know it's nitpicking- and in any case it DOES look really good!- just curiosity I guess.


JC said...

Ghost: thanks for reading this post and for the tip. What does that do with the CK-37 computer? Thanks in advance!

Tor: LOL. I love your comment. Spot on. I will correct it soon! I'm calling the reverse thrust system "Tor" from now on. :)

Johan: Thanks for reading the blog for such a long time. This aircraft is lethal.

Paolo: Thanks! That chromatic distorsion thing ... I don't know if it's intended or just a glitch in my computer (which is getting very old by now).


Paolo said...

@JC: Naah, I've seen that effect in pretty much every Viggen report so I guess is intended.