Monday, December 12, 2016

Scourge of War Waterloo Coop Multiplayer - Today at Dogs of War Virtual Unit

It turns out that Dogs of War is expanding at a good pace. Now: multiplayer (including coop) sessions of Scourge of War Waterloo.

Please check out this forum thread for details:,3812.0.html

By the way, the Dogs of War honcho Asid has introduced me to the Kriegspiel mod and let me tell you it is a game changer! In addition to new features, this mod packs a lot of content. Don't miss it!

Dogs of War play in hardcore mode, with no even map updates. But the sessions appear to be quite fun and develop in an inviting atmosphere.



Chris said...

JC is there a link to the mod someplace?

Doug Miller said...

There are links from the Dogs of War site.

JC said...

Hello, gentlemen.

As Doug said, links (and help) available at Dogs of War. :)