Tuesday, December 13, 2016

DCS Mi-8 - Finally in Release/Final Status

This wonderful chopper has been in beta status for a long time (3.5 years or so). It was recently released in final form, along with a very detailed manual.

I took it for a victory lap around Batumi airport. I wanted to see those door gunners in action (one left door, one rear window).

To add these gunners, one has to create a new loadout via the mission editor. Also, the best way to manage the crew is via the kneepad (shown above). Make sure that you set their rules of engagement accordingly using [LCtrl]+[LWin]+[4] for the left gunner and [LCtrl]+[5] for the back gunner.

The embark-troops command combo is broken in the current version of DCS World, so those heliborne operations will have to wait.

This module (as all of the other in Belsimtek's portfolio) have always been out in very good shape and without major flaws, so the final release feels a bit anticlimactic. But nonetheless, here is a sincere congratulations to Belsimtek for keeping their patches and new virtual birds coming out.


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