Friday, August 26, 2016

Tigers Unleashed Beta Patch, an Exclusive from the Dogs of War Virtual Unit

Tigers Unleashed is a very realistic, data intensive war simulation set in WWII. It was released four years ago. It has been continuously supported since and the Dogs of War Virtual Unit is hosting the latest beta patch.

Tigers Unleashed Beta 24/08/16
This is a D.O.W. exclusive. There is a new Beta for Tigers unleashed.

This is a beta patch. All the usual caveats apply. You might get errors, lock-ups or crashes. Please report if you do. Do not download and install this patch if you do not accept that issues can arise.

Link to the download in this Dogs of War forum thread.

* Adjusted dust creation for round impacts and explosions - wasn't always being added.  Rubble creation now also automatically adds dust outside of the action that caused it.

* Fixed an FOW issue where friendly units were not being properly shown on the map even though they were known.

* Corrected issue that sometimes prevented existing arty missions having their ammo values changed.

* Corrected crater "overspill" into adjacent hexes/locs.  Was sometimes being artificially truncated.

* Fixed a major movement path/command error when detachments were created by combat actions and the AI subsequently gave them (or their parent) orders in reaction to perceived enemy threats.  Also sometimes affected other units.

* When selecting to fire DF at an an area target, the check routines now only verify the LOS - not sighted/known values.

* Human vs. Human games now always return to player control after the combat phase (auto-run settings ignored).

* Updated the AI to rotate the hull when firing a turret-mounted gun when the turret can't be rotated.

* Fixed an error where sometimes the correct time and conditions were not being displayed in the Setup Phase.

* Updated the WpnSys Data Table Editor Form - was showing double first columns, and can now set name of new system when adding.

* Fixed an intermittent c++ access error when an artillery impact detonated multiple mines without any other units nearby.

* Fixed a number of incorrect size values in the IP Data Table.

* Corrected C++ error in Composite Units Form

* Fixed access error when selecting "Specialized Engr Op" from Engineering Operations Form.

* Added a "Water Placement OK" flag to IP's; IP's and obstacles placed in prohibited terrain from previous saves are now automatically removed.

* VP's weren't being added back when player-placed objects (IP's, mines, etc.) were removed from the map.

* Limited situational auto-unloading to ground units.

* Stopped the Main Form Pop-up menu

* Fixed "Cut/Copy/Paste" pop-up menu functions from Force Selection Form; now also highlight updated units on tree.

* 'Done' button now always enabled after force selection on low Expert Levels.

* Fixed an intermittent c++ access error in the AI force auto-selection process.

* Corrected issues with New Game Checklist form:
 - was showing incorrect steps completed
 - was not completely resetting after closing
 - was not displaying correct Personnel VP totals.

* Fixed "Div by zero" floating point error in Shoot & Scoot determination routines.

* Corrected an issue with sighting under low light conditions - was "overflowing" and acting as if in full light.

* Lowered mechanical breakdown probabilities (for movement).

* LOS wasn't being displayed in replay (at Level 6) for units that were destroyed during the turn.

* TO&E Form was resizing properly below a certain size.

* Fixed intermittent error showing nation force, mission, and control (AI vs. Human) on Loading Form.

+ Updated Turn Combat/Action Reporting to better preserve FOW and also show more results info.

+ Adjusted force auto-selection routines; now more heavily weighted towards combat arms over support type formations.

+ Added new options to speed up sighting (Preferences | Performance):
 - "Aggregate Units of Same Type": all units of the same general type (Infantry, AFV, etc.)in a loc are considered a single 'unit' for sighting purposes (as spotter or tgt) and use avg values for unit values and equipment.
 - Min Visible Target Size: A random determination is made to skip checking to the LOS to targets of this apparent size (in Min of Arc) or smaller.
 - Quick LOS Blocking check:  The blocking points (as %) in the spot and tgt locs are totaled, and a random determination made to see if the LOS should be skipped (60% blocked, 60% chance of being skipped).

+ Arty Missions Form now shows message while processing.

+ Mouse Wheel now zooms in/out on map.  Zoom-in centers on mouse position.

+ Optimized LOS sighting routines

+ Added options to use multi-core processors/threading: Set in Preferences | Performance.  Currently only used for Turn Detection Phase.

+ Updated AI to better unload units when they get into locs threatened by enemy fire.

+ More details at the Dogs of War forums! 



gabeeg said...

JC, have you played this title? I have always been interested in it but got cold feet after some initial poor responses, but I check on it now and again and it is still kicking but not much said about it.

Chris said...

Same here gabeeg. I am surprised they've kept patching it and now I am wondering if it is worth looking at again.

JC said...

Hello. Thanks for reading.

I played it and I reviewed it. But I haven't tried it in a long while.


Mitchell Nolte said...

I have it and have played it - its definitely not a casual game at all, it's really more a look at fog of war/communications issues in a battle it seems, which though i find really interesting. There is a lot of processing involved in the turns so it is also a game you need to be patient with as it calculates everything