Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DCS: F-5E Tiger II by Belsimtek - Early Access

Belsimtek, a third party developer for DCS World has released an early access version of its F-5E Tiger II module.

For US $ 59.99, you get a study sim that is in pretty good shape for an early access version. With working cockpit switches, avionics and target acquisition systems, this is a study simulation.
The multiple panels and switches will require some study time. But overall this is a simple aircraft and if you have been flying study flight sims, you can almost teach yourself.

Just like several sources account for the real Tiger, Belsimtek's F-5 is a very agile, fast and forgiving combat aircraft.

Some of the cockpit positions for the control panels had made it all the way to the present day. :)

Yeah, I know. Even my son told me to man it up and go against a Mig. But one has to practice. :)

Landing in Georgia. 

Target practice. With a good radar lock the guns can be aimed with a lot of precision. In this case, I'm bullying a Russian airborne early warning and control aircraft. I sniped out two engines already and I'm going in for a third one.
Stay tuned for debriefs and other shenanigans. Right in this blog.


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