Saturday, June 25, 2016

Flashpoint Latvia Episode 1 - Arma 3 - Deadly Stand

The following series are just fictional. No political point is made.

The backdrop: a 3 men patrol of the 32nd Latvian National Guard Infantry Battalion has been ambushed by pro-Russian guerrillas. Just with enough time to run away from their burning vehicle, the Latvian infantry takes refuge in a nearby church.

In the screenshot above, a young lieutenant deploys his rifles. Making sure to shoot from a defile, the two men in front cover opposite fields of fire (left and right). The third man in the background provides flank protection.

The Lieutenant, busy trying to make contact with the enemy. In this case, he had to pull back to use the church's gate.

The enemy shows up directly in front of the Guards' position. Despite the odds being against the Latvian Guards, they defend their ground and kill many guerrillas. 

It soon becomes clear that the enemy guerrillas are quite mobile and the Lieutenant makes a great effort in walking the defensive position to figure out what the enemy is actually up to. This plays into the enemy's hands because the Latvian have lost somebody to direct their fire.
Two enemy machinegunners completely flank the Lieutenant's subordinates, and before the later can move into position to ease the pressure, the Latvians are down to just the team leader.

Overrun, the Lieutenant pulls out from the village towards a patch of trees. All of the sudden, the guerrillas pour their fire onto the Lieutenant, who tries to conduct a one man fighting withdrawal. It was in vain, he was shot in the back while running.
A fierce firefight that should have never been fought.



badanov said...

Sometimes the best thing you can do as a rifleman in Arma 3 is to stay put and use the German Maxim, don't move unless you can find a better firing position.

JC said...

Hi badanov. Very true. But staying put may get an entire enemy squad right onto you if they have detected you.