Saturday, May 14, 2016

Command Modern Air and Naval Operations, Now Featuring Pier-Docking Operations

Command got a great new update which brings it up to version 1.11. This new update has some very unique and major features, including pier and docking operations.

In this article, I show how to add a new naval base (Naval Base Puerto Belgrano, Argentina) and how to add ships to it.

Please right click the figures and open them in a new window for a more detailed view.

In the scenario editor, I added one side (Argentina) and added a structure to the lower belly of the Province of Buenos Aires. This particular facility is listed as a generic facility in the database.

Once created, I renamed the pier structure to "Base Naval Puerto Belgrano" and then I selected it and went to Editor->Edit Docked Boats

Then I selected the Type 42 Destroyer "ARA Hercules". Note the lower part of the pop-up window and how it asks you how many ships of the type you want to create (very small but don't forget to use it). Once the ship was added, the naval base shows a small yellow and black icon on it. 
To launch a ship from the pier, you select the base, right click (or just press F7).

This Boat Docking Operations window shows how may ships are available and their status. To (finally) launch the ship, just select it and use the button in the bottom of the window ("Launch Individually").

And the destroyer is out. Off she sails in search of Chinese illegal fishing operations within Argentine territorial waters.

Once you want the warship back to the naval base, right click on the vessel icon and select RTB. You don't even need to plot a course.

The implications of these new features are enormous.

For a county with limited resources like Argentina, the tempo of operations has to match the available ports, their capacity and how to pace the operations without leaving the line warship-less.

Even for countries with plentiful of resources, the availability of ports and their turnaround time for refueling and repairs can become a bottleneck during sustained operations. Use your assets wisely!

I am really very happy how WarfareSims, after plenty of updates, still delivers a gameplay experience that is not focused in micromanaging individual ships but rather in operations and execution.


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