Sunday, March 27, 2016

Graviteam Mius Front - Seizing a Hill with Combined Arms

What a battle! The only thing missing was air support. But nonetheless I commanded a Russian reinforced Rifle Company plus 3 tanks and artillery in an assault against a German-held hill.

The increased scope of the average battles in Mius Front is evident right from the start. In this screenshot, a platoon of Russian Rifle Infantry marches towards the FUP.

The command team follows the company commander.

Each circle represents a man, note the variety in formations for the different platoons. Beautiful, just beautiful.
A tank-infantry team (bound together by a [Ctrl] click) assaulting suspected German positions. Note the automatic use of smoke to screen the advance.

As with other 3D tactical war games, always go down and share the view with your troops. That small elevation in front of my troops was excellent for a quiet approach.
Closing up with the enemy, three platoons up, one platoon back.  Waiting for an artillery mission to catch up (red marker in front of my troops).

The new linear artillery fire missions are very handy.

Danger close! My men get ready to assault as soon as the artillery fire is completed.

The assault is a bloody mess. To make things worse, a close German position (yellow icons in the far background) starts to fire at us.

View from the German position we just assaulted. Red and purple icon are Russian troops. Note the Russian troops in the background moving towards the foreground to clean up any remainder German troops.

No rest for the wicked. As soon as the first German position is cleared, my team moves against a second enemy system  of trenches (yellow icons). With the help of artillery, they are obliterated with relative ease. 



Anonymous said...

"The new linear artillery fire missions are very handy." Linear fire missions were available in APOS/GTOS - click & drag.
Gotta luv Graviteam wargames ;)

Marco Diaz said...

It's the best, incredible, the level of realism is awesome.

spacebaw said...

You can do linear fire missions in GTOS and SABOW. Just drag the cursor and you can make it different lengths. If you drag it just a tiny bit you can also widen the circle a little bit.

JC said...

Thanks for your comments and for reading this. spacebaw, I didn't know that. Thanks!

Jason Rimmer said...

Superb follow on from OS. Love it. It does have some issue that need looking at with regards to user amde battles and moving etc but overall once the battle starts it's an awesome display. Plus what else has both a 3D tactical layer and a 2D grand tactical\operational layer?

I only place the Combat Mission series above it do to them beign WEGO..but really that's the only reason. I actually really dislike real time games..however the pace of the Graviteam series is spot on. Along with the early Close Combat games they are the only real time games I've ever enjoyed.