Tuesday, March 15, 2016

DCS Mirage M-2000C - Let's Put Those Missiles to Good Use!

The Mirage M-2000C for DCS World is a beautiful bird to fly. It handles really well and has raw power for air combat maneuvering. As for getting into a simulated air to air engagement with it, the current M-2000C model has only one reliable weapons platform: the gun.

The right wing pylons showing the Magic II (left) and the Super 530D (right) missiles.

After multiple mano-a-manos against a Mig-29A I could only manage to hit the bandit a couple of times with a radar-guided Super 530D at a very short range (6 nm or so).

A Super 530D on its way to nowhere. All aboard the ballistic train!

A thing to notice is that the radar of the M-2000C loses lock very easily, which contributes to the misgivings of the Super 530D  in-game apparent lack of self guidance. 

The Magic heat-seeking missiles will lock onto an aircraft, occasionally. In this screenshot, the heat from a bandit was enough to blur the HUD  ( :P ) but not for locking a Magic on it.

The only thing that saves the M-2000C from a simulated Mig-29A (and for uninstallation too) is its incredibly good looks and tight turns. In this screenshot, I dodge an enemy missile without even breaking a sweat.

Kill! Wait, actually that Mig-29A's engine quitted and the pilot ejected.

So, I've taken my frustration onto the DCS World and decided to remodel it with my air to air missiles.

There is a lot of ground targets to shoot at with my air to air missiles. Enough buildings to keep me busy until the missiles are fixed, I guess.

That white smoke trail is from a pair or Magic air to air missiles.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.



Felipe said...

These unfinished missiles are clearly the end result of the same company that for more than 3 years, promised to make the F-15E. They failed to inform that it was long cancelled and failed to paid any respect to the customer. RAZBAM. I´m completely boycotting them and any of their products.

JC said...

Hi Felipe,

Thanks for your comment.

Honestly I don't know what is going on. ED has brought a lot of 3rd party developers which seemingly have a different take on flight simulation. Save for Belsimtek and (to a certain degree) Leatherneck, I have nothing but a bad feeling about where is this going.


Tempest said...

In a way I am to blame -and buyers like me. I bought some BETAS. I should have not done that. Just feeding the 'monster' and a business model that cheats the community. Not falling for the eye candy anymore. Too bad about the Mirage.