Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy Battle Pack 1 - Low Visibility Scenario

It is night, it rains. We collide with the enemy and shoot point blank. A German tank has just escaped from our sights, right after wrecking some of my vehicles.

Grenades will not do, my men!
Random scenes from one of the scenarios of Battle Pack 1 follow. No AAR provided to avoid spoilers. Sorry about that.

A relatively quiet night is about to turn sour. In this screenshot, my men get the hell out of a Belgian village and race for a bridge across a canal.

That German came out of nowhere.
Achtung panzer. Redux..
They shall not pass! My grenade-flinging men stop this truck short of its river-crossing.
The name of the scenario is "Celer et Audax" and actually needs fixing so you get a very much needed PIAT as the Allies. You can fix it yourself by opening in the scenario editor, go to units and revive a halftrack that is inactive within your order of battle.

Great scenario.


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Tempest said...

Thanks for the heads up. Simple. Revived. Lads will need all the help they can get.