Friday, March 4, 2016

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy Battle Pack 1

And yes, Battlefront continues to occupy an special place in hour war-gaming diet, this time with an scenario pack (link here).

The quality of the maps is one of the selling points of this battle pack. It takes a lot of talent to make those locations to appear realistic.

The Battle Pack 1 covers northern France and Belgium during September 1944.

It includes:

  • One new campaign: "Amiens Tonight"
  • 12 standalone scenarios
  • 20 Quick Battle map

Waterloo! If you have been there you will recognize that prominent and famous landmark in the background.

A Wespe armored vehicle over watches the infantry advance.
If you are familiar with the Combat Mission series, you will recognize the name behind this battle pack: Jon Sowden. He authored a remarkable scenario making write up that came out for one of the patches, if I remember correctly.

Jon doesn't disappoint with his craft in this battle pack. I just opened two scenarios and off the bat I feel immersed in the story being told.

It's night, it's rain and they are facing against the odds.

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