Thursday, January 14, 2016

Panzer Battles - Battles of Normandy - Bypassing ENY Strong Points

What a somber day for the US 2nd Infantry Division (2 ID)! In real life and during the days up to the attack, the GIs dreaded taking Hill 192. It has been attacked before and nothing was won. In this second attempt, only moderate gains in terrain and attrition have been achieved.

The area of operations. Hill 192 is a rather flat mound centered around the objectives marked with a 100 marker. The west flank is the US 38th Infantry Regiment (2 Battalions). The east flank is the US 23rd Infantry Regiment (1 Battalion). Tanks from the US 741st Tank Battalion are widely spread across the front. Facing the American forces is the 9th Fallschirmjaeger Regiment. 

I played this scenario multiple times and it has humbled me wholesale. So, there is no much to show off from my side. But I wanted to share a quick note about frontal attacks.

The Germans are deployed in a relatively shallow manner. But for sure they count on a lot of bonuses due to the terrain and fortifications. The unit highlighted red (center of the map) has a 30% bonus for its trenches and an additional 20% for the scattered terrain they occupy.
These ENY strong points will not go away with just fire and assault. At least during the allotted time to take the hill.

So this is what I tried and, despite needing some better planning from my part, works better. After finding some weak points, I push the enemy aside and I just move forwards as much as I can afford to.

The purpose of this maneuver through the rear is to isolate the enemy front units, which demoralize and become vulnerable for close assault. The down side? The units you send to the ENY rear need to be strong enough to survive their own isolation status. Note how my tank unit broke after being fired upon from two sides.

This is how it looks by turn 8. Sherman tanks and infantry are running crazy on the other side of the hill.

However, this was no victory. More planning is needed for those excursions behind enemy lines. But just keep in mind that those zones of control can be walked through and offer a good opportunity for infiltration.



michaelangelo said...

Good idea, I hadn't thought to try by-passing the hill bunkers entirely to isolate them. Victory will still be elusive I'm sure, but it is something to think about.

Doug Miller said...

Bypassing is a good idea, provided you a) don't end up in a position with your units isolated, and b) move so as to isolate enemy troops in positions you have to take. Through many hours of playing I've definitely found that bypassing strong points that I don't need to take is key to many scenarios.

JC said...

Hello, folks and thanks for your comments.
I didn't know that the ZOCs are somewhat very "permeable", which makes it possible to pass through ENY strongpoints.

Doug! I've got my first Campaigns title (Middle East). I am enjoying it a lot. Thanks for your advice.