Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DCS World 1.5 Mig-21bis - Vacation Gone Bad

This story is from a single player mission using Leatherneck Simulations MIG-21bis for DCS World (Eagle Dynamics).

Image-heavy blog entry.



Dimitris said...

Very nice! :)

Have the best of holidays JC!

Ghost said...

Really nice, keep it up!

JC said...

Thanks for reading, folks!

Dimitris, thanks for the wishes. Please have a great time with your family too! :)

Ghost: Thanks! More is coming.


David Freer said...

JC love the 'cartoon' style here - very cool!

Thanks for all the support this year, all the best to you and your clan over the holidays!


GregP said...

Agreed, love the 'cartoon' format, works wonderfully to tell a story. Nice job, thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I don't know if I like Col. Nudler too much (for political reasons) but he's a good pilot. The comic format was fun to read! :)

Merry Christmas btw!

JC said...

Greg, David and tFS: thanks for your support. Happy holidays!