Monday, October 19, 2015

DCS Mig-21bis - No Mercy for Traitors, Part 3

This is a narrative/debrief of a custom single player mission in which I am flying a Mig-21bis in DCS. DCS Mig-21bis is a high fidelity simulator of the famous interceptor/multirole supersonic jet. Equipment, airbases and weapons may be a bit off their real life time frame (i.e. mixed from modern and the 80's) due to DCS World's limitations in installations, arsenal and inventory. Be patient on that and do not throw the book on me on that matter. This debrief contains some language.
Note: this mission flow in DCS World 1.2. Prettier visuals will come in future debriefs.

Mud spike, 12 o' clock ... Engaging bandit! Knowing that my wing man was a tad behind my Mig (his climbing made him loose some considerable airspeed), I assume he is in for a heads-on (mud spike 12 o' clock). But when I look over my shoulders I see a bandit (a Turkish F-5) closing in towards me.

Continues from here.

There is no time for too much thinking and I continue to pull as much Gs as I can, all with a gentle climb. My airspeed drops below the point at which I can control my Mig. God, I need to get back towards my wing man!

Missile launch! He shouts and pulls up to a safe climb that defeats the enemy's heat-seeking missile. Unable to catch up with the climb, the bandit levels up and zooms into the distance, never to come back.

With a quick inversion he pulls back into the Turkish F-5 that attempted a shot at me and locks in a heat seeker missile onto it. Unfortunately so does the bandit.

Two aircraft shot down each other in a desperate fight. Fiery double explosions from friend and foe below my aircraft. Way below. I completely failed to get back into the fight in time to assist my wing man. I watch, useless how this unfolds down there, still trying to recover my Mig from its departure of controlled flight.

There was no chutes. I try my best to put the past few seconds behind me. I need to get that Yak-40, after all.

I work hard on my radar to get a good lock. The ground clutter (green band in the low portion of the radar screen) keeps getting into the way. I trim my Mig for the lowest airspeed possible.

With a solid radar lock I launch a missile at the Yak-40 ...

There were no survivors ...


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