Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Command Ops 2 - Westwall Module

On the charges of dropping the ball on a module from one of my favorite games, guilty as charged your honor.

It turns out that this module has been available since Wednesday last week!

It is a DLC featuring 12 scenarios. You need the (free) core base game to enjoy this module.

Westwall module's scenario list.

The west front's Westwall is about to be pierced and you can play as the Allies or the Germans. In my quick recon with this game I can see a lot of wargaming mayhem from both sides.

One thing I noticed is scenarios with large areas of operations (this one hosts a 50 x 25 km area). Some good recon and operational planning will be mandatory.

Belgian forces (redish icons) on the move for a cross canal attack.

This Corps-sized scenario, played in the German side, has a two divisions Corps attacking on a 20 km front. Coordination and priority of fires will be my thing while playing this.


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