Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Steel Armor Blaze of War Short Video: Dawn Attack

Thanks to Asid (Dogs of War Virtual Unit), I got back into Steel Armor Blaze of War. A very brief video of a T-62 Iraqi platoon attack is shown in this blog entry.

This realistic armor simulation by Graviteam, really deserves a place in your hard drive. In the video above, you can see the high fidelity modeling of crew, weapons, targeting systems. Not shown in the short clip is the simulation of armor penetration. But you can see how immersive it gets: the suspension of the T-62 working on the terrain, the main gun moving inside the turret, the rain pouring down, the shouts of the loader. He is not speaking Arabic, but I can let go that one.



Jayson Ng said...

Not to mention the shells being ejected out of the turret after firing.

JC said...

I know! :) Is that cool or what?


Gibsonm said...

Um sorry you lost me.

A T-62 in the Iran/Iraq war has some sort of image intensifier sight for the gunner and thermals for the commander?

Not only that but foliage in the rain shows up as a hot spots in the thermals?

Yes it looks pretty, but "realistic"? ...

JC said...

Hi Mark,

You can see the IR lamps cones moving along with the turret. You can see also the ENY's lamps blazing the head vehicles with their lamps.

Maybe you are getting this impression because it is dawn and there is some ambient light. (?)

I would be surprised if these IR passive sensors would not be modeled correctly.

Depending on the day, this sim beats Steel Beasts ProPEs ass. Suggestion: get it.


JC said...

And I have no idea if the Iraqis/Iranians had any of those thermals. But I can live with it.


JC said...


Please stop being sarcastic. I'm not in the mood this week ...


Horrido said...

Hope the video is wrong, but when he says "commanders view with thermal sights", the vegetation was showing as light. Vegetation should show as dark in thermal view. Looks more like active IR to me.

JC said...

Ever heard of IR searchlights, like the L-2 LUNA? The tanks in the video, as far as I know, use the L-4 (not sure).

That's what is happening. The video is clearly using those searchlights or not, depending on the part. Vegetation is showing glowing because is in front of the searchlights in some parts of the video. In other parts the searchlights are off and the vegetation is not showing up.



Anonymous said...

To Gibsonm. You said "Yes it looks pretty, but "realistic"? ..."

I think so. This is incredible product. Small developer who listens to customers. They have realistic balistics & penetrations. This has many things that Steel Beasts does not have. I know that SABOW is not MP but take MP away from Steel Beasts and what you got???? Steel Beasts Devs argue and fight with community! Yes true i seen it many times. Go forums and read!

Steel Beasts is not accurate in everything. I have it for many years. It has major network issues etc. Terrain resolution is terrible. You seen the roads? 1990 graphics. Questionable balistics & hits. It has a very angry online community at steelbeasts.com . I could go on....

Gibsonm. You own SABOW? Tried it? If not then come back when you have

I leave you with one last question. Steel Beast Realistic? Why are trees biggest killer in Steel Beasts? 60 ton tank v small tree in Steel Beasts at 20kph = dead tank & crew. In real life NOT! I can show many other examples.

Sorry JC i had to say. Oh Thanks to you JC for this SABOW video. Ignore the sarcastic haters. Keep doing brilliant blog.

Anonymous said...

Very true comment here. I believe that many people need to stand up against these trolling Steel Beasts members that come to try to ruin other realistic Simulations. Steel Beasts by far is missing many attributes and is very buggy. It seems you pay more for the bugs than you do the actual armor sim.

Anonymous said...

Gibsonm please stay away from here and go back to your hostile community.


GH65 said...

Gibsomn a Steel Beast troll? Good grief. You come in here and disparage Gibsomn and the steel beasts community with your rubbish and do it anonymously? Talk about chicken shit.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the links posted. They speak for themselves. Hostile! BTW I will tell you one thing, I'm one of those that will not be purchasing Steel Beasts. Another customer lost! I'm glad that there are other communities that have a more respectable and professional approach to their customers. The Steel Beast website says it all.

Anonymous said...


You said "Yes it looks pretty, but "realistic"? ...

Please tell me what you base this on? Also tell em a commercially available tank sim that is better. Wait do NOT say Steel Beasts Pro as i have had that for many years and it is NOT realistic. I can list you many things wrong in it.

So GIBSONM Will you reply?

This is great blog JC like it. Keep doing it. Thanks

Bil Hardenberger said...

To everybody attacking GibsonM, Mark is a Colonel in the Armor branch of his Army and I think is an excellent judge of what is realistic and what is not, far more than most others reading this and posting.

Anonymous said...

Bill Hardenberger
Just because GIBSONM is in the army means nothing…In fact it makes it worse. He is very disrespectful. Arrogant, condescending not to mention very sarcastic. Proof? Look at this thread. It’s not about his beloved Steel Beasts so he deliberately tries to discredit it. He then deletes some of his posts. Very mature and respectful. He is not all knowing. Check on the SB forum. He is very aggressive and sarcastic. The majority of people do NOT like him. He thinks he knows it all but he doesn’t. Don’t believe me? Look on the forum.

Oy yes 1 more thing. Steel Beasts is NOT that accurate. It is also VERY buggy. Look at the bug report section. There are many many bugs which are not put on the forum. That community is hateful. Don’t believe me? Go and read…

Yes I do have and play Steel Beasts just not with the “usual” SB people. And yes I have Steel armor. It is a more polished and realistic product in what it represents.

So please Bill H. Next time you defend a person please do it with an un-biased view. GIBSONM is in the Australian army. He brings shame to their name.
This is very nice blog. I like it and it does not lie. Thank you to you jc. I always read it

B. Thomas
US Army

Gibsonm said...

To JC,

My comment about "Thermals" was based on the caption in the video (yours?, the game developer's?, I don't know who put it there) ...

If the caption was meant to read "Active IR" (as your response suggests) then my comment goes away as they are two different systems.


GH65 and Bil,

Thanks. :)

As to the comments by Anonymous and B Thomas,

1. "Gibsonm please stay away from here"


"GIBSONM will you reply?"

Which do you want?

2. "Look at this thread. It’s not about his beloved Steel Beasts so he deliberately tries to discredit it. He then deletes some of his posts."

Please tell me where I've done this in this thread? I'm pretty sure its not possible (quite apart from me knowing that I haven't done such a thing).

I'm fully aware that you can't win Internet arguments so I'll leave it at that.

Gibsonm said...

Sorry one/tow last things.

The links posted - please read them.

The first:


Details a page where we look to controlling the very behaviours that people here seem to want to raise.

FWIW I volunteered to be one such TeamSpeak Moderator.


In that post I said:

"Well that sort of helps.

I guess like Tjay I'll remain in the dark on the details, but the impact is going to be widely felt."

Not quite sure how that can be interpreted as it has been here, as sort of "hostile" community member.

But anyway ...

Anonymous said...

Look at the link you posted http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=21982&page=4

Look at the hate and personal attacks which were encouraged and allowed by the developers. Some of the guys in that post are on the dev team. Disgusting. Like I said I have had Steel Beasts for many years and been on the official forum for over 10. Please tell people what that post was about. Well? The truth now. There are people on SB forum full of hate. I invite all to look. Please be advised you will witness racism and all types of personal attacks by the dev team as well as the “old guard”

This is from one of the most active and helpful not to mention knowledgeable guys in SB “I will not be supporting or promoting eSim Games after they took what should have been a private issue between a few people and twisted it into an absurd public debacle to punish and defame those who, in the "old guards" paranoia, are suspected of scheming to disrupt their little club.” He posted that in public. He was a huge supporter.

SB is also a very buggy game. That is a fact. Most militaries of the world do NOT use it. It is good as a procedural trainer in certain instances. It lacks many many things. Things that others have including SABOW.

Sorry for this JC it had to be said.
B. Thomas
US Army

Bil Hardenberger said...

"He is very disrespectful. Arrogant, condescending not to mention very sarcastic."

There is only one person in these comments that can be described by the above, and it certainly isn't Mark Gibson.

Anonymous said...

Bil Hardenberger ... Go to SteelBeasts.com forum and you will see exactly what i and many others think and are saying about GIBSONM. Go on and do it instead of blindly defending him. It is as plain as day. GIBSONM brings shame on the Aust Army.

Anonymous said...

Bil Hardenberger...Go to Steel Beasts forum and see exactly what GIBSONM is like. I invte everyone to go and see how GIBSONM treats people. I have seen him do it many times. Go and see for yourselves. He brings shame on the AUST army. He fits in well with some of the people over on that forum.

Go and see Bill H instead of blind devotion.

Back on topic

SABOW is very realistic and community is good. Also the developers talk with the customers in a good way.

GH65 said...


Let's see. Gibsonm has been with Steel Beast community for years. He has always helped newbies with questions about the sim, technical issues they may be facing and if he does not have the answer regularly points person to someone or a source who may be able to help. Gibsonm also hosts a weekly get-together for SBPE players and welcomes all to those sessions. He has created and sponsored large multiplayer campaigns in the past and hopefully will continue to do so in the future. He has treated those with respect who deserve it.

And then there is you Anonymous. Too chicken shit to post with your name while conducting character assassination.

Slander is the revenge of the coward. Slander is always the weak pleasure of a little and narrow mind.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to SteelBeasts community

Frankie Kam said...

Like watching a movie. Talking about the SABOW video. Not the comments thread, LOL. The torrential rain falling down makes it very atmospheric. Kudos to the SABOW developers.