Monday, September 7, 2015

Combat Mission Black Sea - Pre-planned Indirect Fire

This is from the smallest canned scenario included in your copy of Combat Mission Black Sea. I played this one to death and I always find myself wanting for another try.

Here is the setting: a demi-platoon US recon force has to find its way to the remnants of a Russian mobile HQ. Since I don't have a lot of firepower, I try to move it onto the depth of the ENY hasty defense and patrols. The problem is that doing so requires to move my troopers over open terrain.

Because I have two off-map mortars, I will use smoke to conceal my trooper's push forward. The mortar's spotter has to move forward (to have LOS to the target area) and then request a mortar smoke fire mission. A mortar fire mission may take up to 3 minutes if requested during the mission.

But I forgot that a spotter can complete a request during the setup phase of the scenario, without having direct LOS on the target area. Sort of pre-planned fire!

Planning a smoke mortar fire mission before the beginning of the festivities hostilities. Note the ENY command post vehicles.
In just 30 seconds after the start of the scenario, I have a smoke screen covering the right flank of my troops.

Off course you have to be lucky with where those shells fall. But that's another story.

Another feature that was there forever and I didn't notice. Hope it helps you!



badanov said...

The most likely Russian reaction: A recon by fire mission into the area using artillery rockets.

Johan said...

I use this a lot when playing as the Russians in Combat Mission - Red Thunder. The russian WWII artillery usually has extremely long waiting times when calling in a fire mission, making this feature very useful.

Jon said...

JC, is the map from this scenario mission available in quick battle?


JC said...

Hello and thanks for the comments.

Badanov: in the old Soviet Army, maybe. In today's Russian Forces, there is a lot of things that need to happen to get that type of support.

Johan: spot on. I will be using this a lot.

Jon: I don't know. The scenario is the smallest available in the battles menu. Haven't tried to open it, though.