Thursday, May 7, 2015

IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad - I Came Here Just for the Maps

There is so much bad feelings around Battle of Stalingrad among long time flight simmers that is almost contagious. Due to my age, I limit my bitching to ten minutes a day (barely enough to deal with co-workers) and I try to enjoy the games as they are and not trying to vent about what they are not.

Yeah, it looks fantastic. I get it.
To my surprise, a flight simulator that at the beginning I didn't care too much about is becoming a staple in my virtual flying record.

I am playing the campaign and I am enjoying the gameplay, the flying, the atmospheric missions and (what?) the repetitive nature of each mission.

Impressive gameplay item 1 of 2: the maps. Off course these are not dynamic, but they are very informative and you will find troops where the map says so.  It looks like a map from a history book.

I don't call this one "impressive" but I love the simplicity and clarity. Get there, get it done.
Impressive item 2 of 2: context. Something bad and big is happening down there. The smoke billows move my inner fighter pilot to dark places that make me forget about all the navigation/information aids at my disposal.

The moment of truth. After I damaged this German bomber below airworthiness, I patiently maneuver above it looking for a new run or for its sudden crash. Whatever comes first.

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Anonymous said...

I think this sim is good, still has room to grow, and has come a long ways inspite of some miss steps by the devs.
Some good content is coming out with the release of the FMB.