Thursday, March 5, 2015

Welcome to Ukraine - AAR Part 3 - Combat Mission Black Sea

The Russians pressed on to different degrees of disorganization, personal courage and good old misjudgment. For the odd second that we got a glance of them, we did see they held in more regard getting back in line than getting there in one piece. In fight or death, their heads up, rifle butts pressed against body for dear life.

The treeline is getting populated by Russian vehicles and men. This BMP stayed out of sight for the rest of the fight thanks to the small rise in the terrain.

A Russian marksman at the treeline. The rest of his squad just got smashed by fire from our vehicles.

The situation at our south flank: infantry just moved into the treeline but got contained by the fires from two of our BTR-70s.

Another Russian infantry man getting into position at the treeline.
The unnerving engine noise of the BMP staying put on the other side of the treeline moved me to order an RPG team to take it out. As the men crawled forward, the BMP moved forward.
The BMP unknowingly evaded the RPG team and exchanged fire with the missile team in the center of our line. With a limited supply of luck, that was it for the Russian armored vehicle. A direct hit from a missile ended the run of the BMP.
Ukrainian casualties from the engagement detailed in the previous two pictures.
The flow of Russian infantry on our south flank didn't stop. Crushing our hopes of an early end of the engagement, every step of those combat boots needed to be silenced.
At a seemingly prudent distance, one of our BTR-70s opens up on the intruders.

Not a pretty sight: a Russian RPG roaming in front of our BTR-70s.

A panoramic view of the tactical situation, viewing to the north. Note the Russian infantry (red icons) at the treeline.

An un-friendly reminder from the laws of combat: hasten contact. A BTR-70 overstayed in place facing RPG-armed Russians. 
Russians bolting out from the cover and concealment of the treeline. After this failed rush, the fate of the Russian's attack was sealed.

With no movement or fire along, I ordered my troops to fall back for a quick retreat. The only incident to report was the RPG team receiving small arms fire from the fields in front of the treeline.

This ends this AAR.


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