Friday, March 27, 2015

Scourge of War - Fox's Gap, AAR

This is from one of the two Fox's Gap scenarios in Scourge of War (Antietam expansion). This game has one of the best AIs in the market and is a hall of fame tactical war game. The setting is the American Civil War and the real life battle was fought just a couple of dozen miles from where I live.

The Confederate forces I command are sitting pretty on the summit of Fox's Gap. The high ground and the stone fences in front of us are seemingly a formidable defensible line (blue). Unfortunately, the Union forces outnumber us and start their push (red arrows) onto just my most weak right flank. 
The 30th Ohio (foreground) and another unidentified Union regiment pushing my right flank. Neither that odd artillery piece (a 12 lb Napoleon from Pelham's Virginia battery, background) nor the 5th Virginia Cavalry (to the artillery gun's left) will stop the Union thrust.

My right flank, now reinforced with the 20th North Carolina Regiment becomes the scene of extreme carnage. My troopers have retreated (their flag barely visible in the background) as also the Union regiments that arrived first to the battle. A renewed Union attack on this line is coming ...
A screenshot from my command post. As the Union re-engages our lines (background) I can see they start to press on our center. Note the reserve that I am keeping (23rd North Carolina Regiment, in the foreground).

Enticed by the success in our defense at the center (note the Union troops fleeing on the right), I move my left flank to roll over the enemy. Without artillery support (a Confederate battery in our left flank is now out of LOS and not under my control), my troops become tangled in futile firefights with leftover Union troops occupying the high ground.

This is not exactly rolling up remainder Union troops. A protracted firefight through an orchard in front of our initial defensive line.

One of my regiments (5th North Carolina) arrived at the high ground and was rapidly forced to surrender by fresh Union troops arriving from the reverse slope.
The final score was a tie. Apparently the Union troops were in bad shape too at the point the battle ended.


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Chris said...

JC this is a great scenario. I've played from Union perspective if I remember correctly and it was very challenging.Thanks for reminding me that it has been too long since I played it last.