Monday, February 16, 2015

BB Wars (Airsoft) - No Such Thing as Too Many Toy Guns - Tippmann M4 Carbine Airsoft, First Impressions

In a previous post I mentioned this hobby of airsoft that kicks butt and wallets alike. I am glad that I can practice this thing with my son. That little guy can now mention every piece of a modern infantry man's kit by its real name. He also learns the value of cover, concealment, suppression and other essentials so lost in suburbia kids ... Like how to walk in rough terrain.

Arsenal of replica toys. Guns, from top to bottom: G&G CM16 Raider (M4 CQB replica), Echo1 Barret JP40 Rec7 (M16 RIS Sniper DMR Rifle replica), Tippmann M4 (M4 carbine replica), CYMA CQB M4 (M4 carbine replica). Other items shown: Condor CPC (plate carrier replica), replica fast helmet (right) and another helmet replica on the right.
We are upgrading our "arsenal" and we thought of getting one of those new M4 carbines from Tippmann. We didn't get disappointed.

Airsoft is played with replica guns that shoot 6 mm bbs. The basic replicas are powered by an electric gearbox and motor. We already bought three of those. The most expensive ones are electro-pneumatic and they propel the bbs with highly pressurized air (HPA). These also have some electronic components that regulate the rate of fire and muzzle velocity from a mini-computer. The cost of those is a tad on the far side of my comfort zone.

Tippmann, a company that up until last year made only high quality paintball markers, has launched a CO2/HPA powered airsoft gun. At a price of $449.00, I had it in my sights since the launching. We got one last Friday and after our first shots with it, we are hooked.

Back from the field and ready for a cleanup. The tank is for HPA and the remote coiled line connects it to the pistol grip. Other option is to fire the gun from CO2 cartridges that go into the magazine, but I am not a big fan of the low capacity of each magazine (80 shots per mag).
The internals of the gun are well built. The exterior is part aluminum and polymer. The gun also has blowback, which adds to immersion.

Flip up front and rear sights are fully functional and detachable.
The thing that I like the most about the Tippmann M4 airsoft carbine is its range and the tight grouping of the bbs. Every single shot is way more consistent than with the other guns we have, which helps a lot for my poor markmanship.

I will post more about this airsoft replica when I get a chance to shoot more.



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