Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DCS Su-27 - The Ultimate Argument Campaign

This payware campaign is certainly well delivered. The voice overs, the virtual environment and the narrative is quite good.

The Ultimate Argument reminds me a lot about the missions of Flanker 2.5. The increased complexity and challenge at each mission, the sense of accomplishment whenever I complete one. It's all there again. For ten bucks, it's quite a bargain.

However, the shortcomings of DCS World, the Su-27 model and the AI become all too evident and will spoil some of the enjoyment.

Those fuel trucks. I almost hit one.
Other design decisions did not suit my shrinking entertainment time allowance, but that's my life getting in the way.

This cockpit is longing for a mouse cursor and its clicks.

One piece of advice if you have not flown the new advanced flight model Su-27: train some because it has changed quite since the old Flaming Cliffs.

There is enough firepower under those wings to shut down the air force of a small country.
One thing missing: realistic orders or air directives. Even if there is nobody else than you and the enemy flying out there, it would be cool to have that illusion of a war going on. The simplistic orders are appreciated for a quick brief, but I am sure ED knows and can do better than this.



Dimitris said...

Hey JC,

Can you elaborate a bit (either here or in a follow up) on the elements of DCS world that you consider as shortcomings?


Ricardo said...

I'd be very interested in reading about those too, same as Dimitris. Maybe a subject for another blog post? :)

JC said...


Thanks for reading this.

Shortcomings: inability to randomize locations, ENY AI is predictable, friendly AI is unreliable, the flight and damage models are in continuous adjustment (I have been blowing tires consistently while landing for a while now i.e. what's a good landing I am confused now), SU-27 systems not fixed for small stuff like keeping the resolution of the navigation system while switching back and forth from navigation modes, ground units react only after being hit too close to them. I can carry on.