Monday, December 29, 2014

Steel Beasts ProPE - The Far Side of a Canal Flank - Scenario Now Available

That was fast! My new scenario is now available at

From the commander's station ...

It's likely you are going to need those supply trucks after the rounds start flying.
Right click and open in a new tab/window for a better viewing of this briefing.
So, here is the link to the file's location at Steel Beasts ProPE.

The Far Side of a Canal Flank

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.



Johan said...

Thanks! It's always nice to get the opportunity to try out one of your scenarios, JC.

After New Years, I will have to try to give Naval Action (Link here) a rest, so that I can download the latest SB update and try this out.

(Naval Action is still just in Early Access Alpha, but it is already amazing. I've been waiting for a realistic Age of Sail game for ages...)

JC said...

Hi Johan,

I heard about that game and it is tempting. How well it accommodates single player gameplay? It looks like MMO ...


Johan said...

Well, I guess a good comparison as regards Single Player would be Red Orchestra. SP is ok for learning how to play, but not much more. The AI bots are quickly defeated once you get a litte experience, and then you really should move on to Multiplayer.

I would recommend Ramjb:s channel on Youtube (Link here) to get a feel for the game. He is Spanish, so his accent is sometimes a bit difficult to understand, but he really knows what he's talking about, and he has videos up showing off both the combat, and the intricacies of sailing your ship.

Johan said...

Oh, and I forgot this: Yes, in the future, this is planned to be an MMO of sorts, an open world game, with trading, exploration, piracy and so on.

But we'll have to wait and see how all that will turn out. Right now, the only thing available in the Alpha is the ship-vs-ship combat.

Gibsonm said...

I'll take it for a spin (the SB scenario, not the Hornblower simulation :)).

Phil said...

I downloaded this before I read your blog. Great to see it was you who made this scenario. I have been playing it today and really enjoying it.

Gibsonm said...

Just confirming that the tasks in the Mission take precedence over the screen graphic on the map?

I.e. It appears I can achieve the Mission, without screening beyond the Canal to the East?

JC said...

Hi Johan,

I will take a look at it. I wonder how they will manage the slow pace of events in these naval engagements.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for playing it. :)

Hi Mark,

The screen graphic indicates the future mission of the squadron but it is irrelevant for this mission. At a certain point I had the intention of adding the screen mission for Troop A but it seems like a lot to ask from the player. That and the scenario duration ...


Gibsonm said...

Thanks for clarifying - I just didn't want to focus on the Mission but fail because the screen task was part of the scoring. :)

Gibsonm said...

OK did pretty well as the US in solo player mode.

Will try it out tonight (my time) with BG ANZAC to get a feel for how well it goes as MP.

I'll either suggest we use my solo player plan again or we'll try a new one.

Gibsonm said...

Gave it another run tonight (Victory with 100 out of 200) but we quit approx 35mins before the 2hours were up.

Those who played it enjoyed it but two things of interest:

1. The damaged bridge is negotiable to tracked vehicles and

2. Unsure why the mix of T-80s and T-90s in the same Battalion.

Can provide the AAR if you need it.