Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Steel Beasts ProPE - Complex Insurgent Ambush - AAR

This is the AAR for the ambush I described in a previous blog entry. Many thanks to the readers who contributed with ideas on the best CoA.

My two Bradleys on route to the ambush kill zone. We are already engaging a platoon-sized insurgent blocking/security force armed with RPGs

As per one of the reader's suggestion, I saturated the ambush kill zone with smoke delivered by an artillery battery located nearby. The ambushed US forces are in that island now hidden from observation. The smoke immediately stopped the insurgent's mortar fire. Other reader suggested to move the US troops out of the kill zone as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the ambushed US troops are not under my command and I have no control over them.

Pushing through the insurgent's blocking/security position was performed as carefully as possible. The terrain is covered in foliage and there are tiny elevations that can result in some awful ambushes. As seen from the thermals of my Bradley, the engagement range was getting too close.

It took us some 10 minutes to push through the insurgent security forces and into a support by fire position overlooking the ambush kill zone. As expected, the insurgents are moving through the bridge to slaughter the US infantry.

The view from the same position, but without the thermals. Note the prodigious amount of smoke in the kill zone.

Enemy dismounts pushing from the west into the kill zone. They are no match for our .50s and cannon.

The tactical situation at this point of battle. Note the kill zone in the center, with the red square markers for the US artillery smoke mission. Enemy infantry is pushing towards the US forces from the west an south. There is also a technical in the east. This insurgent vehicle has a recoilless gun that it's starting to become more than an annoyance.

Damn it! Fire from the recoilless gun at the east is getting more accurate (dark smoke plume behind my Bradley vehicle).
Engaging the technical vehicle. The clever use of the terrain's slope threw off my ranging more than once. In this screen, the vehicle disappeared into a "turret down" position, making my laser go all the way through 3.4 km. The actual range, some 1.4 km was then used and the enemy vehicle was destroyed.

This is one simulation moment that I will cherish. Because of the smoke, an enemy insurgent squad has just passed through the kill zone, undetected. Until I aimed my gun at them, that is.

As I lead my Bradley across the north bridge, the sense of insurgency for our mission goes ballistic. In the near background, the MRAP, immobile from an IED. A bit further, the US infantry squad and the truck they were riding. In the far background, the south bridge, harboring enemy dismounts at various states of disorganization.
Shooting over the heads of our own troops, we are engaging the insurgents with HE cannon rounds. The effectiveness of this cannon round is terrific against infantry.
My wingman Bradley overlooking the kill zone from the north bridge. As for myself and my crew, we are somewhere in that cloud of smoke, standing tall.
Mission accomplished with not a single US loss. Time to completion was 31 minutes.



Gibsonm said...

Glad to see you extracted them. :)

Try ramping up the realism and those nice red Artillery danger boxes will disappear off you map and you'll need to remember where you plotted the fires. ;)

BTW: Standby by for a patch (networking centric, but other fixes) in the next few weeks.

JC said...

Dang, that was fast! :)

Will try that.

About the patch, you are talking about the 64x version? I'm running that version, but it is to expire in 34 days.


Gibsonm said...

Well from here:,_ca#Post4036226

"Well, we'll be releasing the final update for SB Pro PE 3.0 in December (this will incorporate the new network stack that we tested in the open beta in the last nine months, include a 64 bit executable, and will bring a number of bug fixes; also you may notice a bit of an improvement in the navigation of infantry formations)."

So the networking improvements from 3.019 will be added to 3.011 (plus some other things) and yes ideally it comes out in 34 days or less. :)

Shaun Watson said...

One day I'll muster up the courage to buy this game. Until then, these AARs are very entertaining.

Gibsonm said...

Not trying to hijack, but now that you can buy a time based license (from US10.00 for a month), I'm not sure you need much in the way of courage. :-)