Sunday, November 9, 2014

Battle of Albuera - War Gaming Notes - Episode 1

With the release of John Tiller's Software "Bonaparte's Peninsular War", I thought of revisiting the virtual battlefield that I barely fought from the "Peninsular War Mod" for HistWar Les Grognards.

I will play as the French and follow the historical tactical plan, more or less, with a feint from the west side of the Albuera creek and the main attack at the center of the enemy line.

The tactical plan as seen from the 2D view of John Tiller Software Bonaparte's Peninsular War.
The tactical plan as seen from the 2D view of HistWar Les Grognards.

 In the HistWar scenario, my right flank feint quickly moves into an attack position. In this screenshot, a nimble force of 250 men from the 21st Regiment of Chasseurs a Cheval provide a screen for such an attack.
The feint attack itself takes no less than one hour to get going. In this HistWar screenshot, the 51st Line Infantry Regiment marches towards Albuera.

The main attack force of the feint attack fords the Albuera less than a kilometer south of the town proper. Leading the crossing is the 16th Light Infantry Regiment (foreground). The formation in the background is the 51 st Line Infantry Regiment.
Our left flank is protected by the Marbourg Cavalry, a formation of almost Corps strength. As I deploy the main attack force in the center, the cavalry men move ahead in search for trouble.

One of my favorite formations in Marbourg's "Corps" is the Lancers of the Vistula. "Los Diablos Polacos".
My left cavalry screen makes contact with Portuguese infantry (shown above the 4th Portuguese Line Infantry Regiment).
And the fight is about to start in the HistWar scenario. For the John Tiller Software game, it was all moving counters towards their lines of departure.

Stay tuned. More is coming.


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