Saturday, October 18, 2014

Crash Dive - Mobile Tactical Submarine Game Reviewed at Subsim

Two stories for this very short blog entry.

First, the game itself. Games for mobile that make any sense are rare. This one is very well designed and has a lot to offer. Get it here:
Crash Dive for Android
or here:
Crash Dive for iOS

Second, the review of Crash Dive at Subsim is fantastic. For some reason some in the mainstream media are under the impression that mobile games deserve reviews as nimble as the device they use to play those games. Fortunately, there are exceptions. Subsim's founder Neal Stevens gives a class in journalism with his deep (no pun intended) review of Crash Dive.

Crash Dive review at Subsim.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting this game, I have really enjoyed it!

SUBSIM said...

Thanks for the kind words, glad you liked the game and the review.