Friday, June 20, 2014

Turning the "Time Flank" - An Spoiling Attack in Conquest of the Aegean - AAR Part 1

My objective for day one is to delay the enemy force at or near the river crossings. On my left, my most powerful formation is the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment and with this unit I will launch a spoiling attack across the river. My expectation is to disrupt the enemy forces while they prepare to cross the river across the main highway. On my right, an assortment of infantry and support weapons are to assemble a hasty defense at the buildings and forts in Amyntaion.

Situation at 0727 Day 1. See text for details.

0727 Day 1
One hour and a half after the start of the scenario, I find myself with MY time flank almost turned! The combined infantry and support weapons team formed around the 2/4 Australian Inf Bn is nowhere consolidated at their positions at Amyntaion (A in the map above). A German Bn (marked B in the map) is threatening to cross the river and overrun the only two allied companies at Amyntaion. Indirect fire missions are called and the fire from two batteries of 25 pdrs Mk 2 guns (8 guns each, fire missions indicated by white lines)

The 3rd Royal Tank Regiment (C) is in better shape and by this time is readying to launch the spoiling attack across the river.

Situation at 0840, Day 1. See text for details

0840, Day 1

Approximately one hour later, the situation at Amyntaion eases up. With all units arrived at their destinations (A) and now enjoying the cover of forts and buildings, they stand a chance. The indirect fire on the German Bn across the river (B) continues. The Germans can't push across the river yet.

On the left, the spoiling attack (C) is still in progress and visibly stalled due to the appearance of some lone armored German companies. These appear to be covering forces or advance parties. No major German offensive action can be discerned along the main highway.

The 4th Hussars have arrived near the main river crossing (D), their mission is to follow and support the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment. 

To be continued ...

Sorry for the meager size of this micro post. Real life is taking over my gaming time. 


Gibsonm said...

I'm guess the two white lines for the fire mission are in fact the two grey lines running from the Southern map edge towards the German units?

JC said...

Sorry man, not trying to be picky but they look white to me. With a black border.

But you got the point right.


Gibsonm said...

Ah you are right - once you click on them and get the enlarged view. :)

I was just reading them in the body of the text.