Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One Last Trench - New Combat Mission Red Thunder Scenario

By yours truly. I should be blogging more, but I could not help but to edit, test and release this scenario. I wanted to create something simple and quick to play. It turned out to be a tough fight for both sides. Nothing is easy in the Eastern Front!

Soviet armor supporting by fire.
One Last Trench is a single player scenario (Soviet human vs German AI) in which the Soviet attackers attempt to breach the last line of the defense of the German 78th Assault Division. Some screenshots from the gameplay follow.

A new map made from scratch, showing a village nearby the railroad to Orsha. That railroad should be double tracked ... Oh, well. The green icons show the position of the scouts, which at the start of the scenario are in contact with the enemy already.
The tactical situation. Blue forces are the Soviets.
The scenario is fictional but inspired in the fight on the approaches to Orsha. The color section of this map shows the Soviet axis of advance (red arrows) of the 11th Guards Corps, of which the player is supposedly commanding a battalion.
The infantry fight is about to start. Russian infantry moving forward from their assault position.

German armor. The superiority of the German optics will become all too evident for the player. Use your armor carefully!
The scenario is up at Battlefront.com's repository. Here is the link to the file:

One Last Trench



Chris said...

Looks awesome JC. Will download.

Chuck "Magnum" Ankenbauer said...

Yep, awesome mission...well done. I just got started with it yesterday before work, haven't played through it yet, will try today.

Excellent job on the map, briefing, and tactical map.

normannobrot said...

is your scenerio posted on the official battlefront site? or @ greenasjade.com?

Chuck "Magnum" Ankenbauer said...

Last sentence in the above article... yes, it's at battlefront.

Doug Miller said...

You're faster on the editor than I am so far, but I should have something ready to go this weekend. Looking forward to getting it done so I have time to play your scenario!