Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Eastern Front, Riga 1944 - Command Ops Scenarios by The Sharp End Gaming's Chris M

Chris M. continues to trail blaze with his content for the Command Ops game. I am currently playing his two "Riga 1944" scenarios and enjoying an overdose of Eastern Front with this fantastic game engine.

Look at the size of this map! Each square is 1 km wide.
With this two scenarios Chris delivers a trifecta of quality, scope and gameplay at the grand/tactical level.

You should right click this image and open in a new tab to appreciate this screenshot from the "Bridges at Kekava" scenario.  I am in command of the Germans (black, blue, grey icons) and the situation is so dire that I can't even afford to "spread thin". So I chose the two bridge as the place to bet for our defense.

A lone company from the 42 SS Pz. Regiment (highlighted) has crossed the stream and manhandled an enemy company of T-34 tanks (brown cross) into surrender. It turns out that overconfidence is never a good counselor and that leaving tanks on the other side of the river, unsupported by infantry is not such a hot idea. The darkness of the night was the perfect concealment for the Russians to move an AT gun battery near the hapless tankers. I was lucky that I could bring back most of my tank company from such miscarriage of tactics.

The lights of the day have long come and with them the realization that the Russians have infiltrated through those woods in our right/south flank. This is so-Eastern Front! In real life, German officers were told that no matter how small a Russian force infiltrated through an obstacle, they should eliminate it at once or be ready to face an ever growing foothold/beachhead of prodigious proportions.
So, please take a look at the scenarios descriptions and download links at Chris' blog. Available at the link below.

The Sharp End Gaming



Chris said...

Thank you for posting JC! I am glad you are enjoying the Riga scenarios.

Erich said...

This really is the best tactical engine out there at the moment. Can you imagine how great Stalingrad would be, using this system?

Chris said...

Hi Erich. In addition to these Riga scenarios I've created two Stalingrad scenarios: "Operation Hubertus" and Race to the Volga.

You can find those scenarios here:

And here:

Shastar said...

Great game, great engine and thank you for these scenarios on the eastern front, Chris ! I will upload them soon.

Chris said...

Great Shastar! Thanks for your interest!

Stian said...

I wasn't even aware there was Eastern Front scenarios for CO. Although I knew someone was working on a platoon-level for some scenarios.

Very cool stuff!

Erich said...

Great news about the Stalingrad scenarios! Apparently you thought the same thing :)