Monday, December 30, 2013

How to Win a Free Copy of the Next John Tiller Software Game

John Tiller Software is about to release a new game. There are currently two competitions with a free copy as the prize.

Details inside.

First competition is at the Blitz Wargaming Club. In this thread, you can guess the title based on the map and counter art (some of it reproduced here courtesy of the lead designer).

The second competition is at the Scenario Design Center. Check it out here. This one is a draw and all you need to do is send SDC's honcho Steve an e-mail. Details in the linked page.

Good luck to all of you. This is a great game that will be a treat to your grand tactical sensibilities.



Doug Miller said...

This is looking great! JTS is on a roll with this and their tablet ports.

Scott La Rock said...

I can't wait!
What is the expected release date????
We have to know due to the contest rules, ya know ;)

JC said...

Hello and thanks for your comments.

Can't tell the specific date, sorry.