Wednesday, December 4, 2013

HistWar Napoleon - Released Today

Apologies for the short and clumsy entry (have to go to work right away). But I wanted to give you a heads up on the release of HistWar Napoleon. And a couple of screenshots, too.

I didn't follow the development of HistWar as I should, but it was my understanding that the first release of the new version was just a graphics engine upgrade. A few minutes into playing, I have to say that I like it and there is a bit more than upgraded graphics.

Well, yes. Who am I kidding? The graphics upgrades are just fantastic and difficult to ignore. But there are also some tiny touches and improvements from the previous version. Like the symbology on the 2D map, which now shows how the regiments will be deployed. and the new "sand table" thing shown a few inches above. I love how the sand table view transitions to the 3D view as shown in the last two screen shots.



Jason Rimmer said...

I just purchased HistWar 1 the other day as it was very cheap. Have no clue about Napoleonic Warfare but it does look indepth which I like. I'm sure to get the new game soon. I believe the AI changes will also be put in the old game which is great support.

Doug Miller said...

Graphically, it really does look much improved. Not to be a graphics snob, but the old graphics (particularly in the demo) put me off. These look at least as good as Scourge of War.

Now I'm torn between this and Arma 3 for my next purchase!

Blondknight said...

Chelco, as soon as you have time please give us your opinion of this version, any bugs you've seen or hardware issues you've encountered please.

JC said...

Hi Jason,
Good buy! The amount of scenarios is bigger and the price is unbeatable. Let me know when you get the new version, though.

Hi Doug,
You bet. I see some improvements in the interface too. Unless I missed something in the last version.

Hi Blondknight,
Sure. What type of bugs can you mention? I will check it out if you give me pointers. :)