Thursday, November 21, 2013

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Fusion Mod - Landing the Spitfire

... and stopping without tipping on the nose. I finally can do it. It was a matter of airspeed at touchdown.

Inbound to an unnamed airstrip in England. Landing flaps and gear down, the canopy open. Finding these air bases is quite difficult at the beginning, and its supposed to be that way. Anything different would be like a neon sign "Bomb here, please". 

Those 30 mph extra I always brought with me at touchdown meant I could not safely stop the aircraft on the ground. I usually ended up applying too much wheel brakes and tipping the aircraft on its nose.

I found this post online and knowing that I can go down to 65 mph (with the landing flaps and landing gear down) without stalling made the difference.

Final approach as viewed from the cockpit. I have the aircraft trimmed with the nose up as much as possible. That spinner is getting on my line of sight so I have to lean and visually control my approach from the sides of the canopy.
What a beautiful beast of war this is!
The airstrip begins not at this paved road but beyond that dirt one in the background. This is the moment where I cut my throttle and glide in for the touchdown point.

An instant before my wheels touch the airstrip.
Almost the same moment as in the screenshot above. Note the airspeed indicator, dangerously close to the 65 mpg stall speed.

Once all the wheels are on the ground, I start applying a few brief punches to the wheel breaks. 

The aircraft shrieks to a complete stop. Note the airbase facilities in the background.
IL-2 Cliffs of Dover is quite a decent WWII flight simulator after the Team Fusion extreme makeover.



RangerX3X said...

When I picked up the Theatre of War Collection on Steam, the first game installer had a built in third-party mod to improve the game: that was the first time I had ever come across that.

It is a shame that game developers freely dump trash on the purchasing public with the full knowledge and expectation that some intrepid group will freely come to their aid and save the day with some mod.

JC said...

Hi Ranger,

It's a strange new thing.

In my opinion the developers of CoD had too many ambitious goals and they got entangled in them.

The simplicity of the original IL-2 and the smoothness at which it ran in my non-gaming computer back then was commendable.

IL-2 Stalingrad came out a few days ago. Slash that. The alpha came out. We will see. For me the series died right at IL-2 1946.