Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Modern Air Power for Android, Kindle and iPad - John Tiller Software Goes App

This free app has been around for a while (maybe three weeks or so?). It's the Modern Air Power engine ported to the mobile format.

I've played this in my Android tablet and it was just great to use the fingers to move flights around.

The contents of the free app are limited to some sort of modern war with North Korea. Most of the scenarios are tutorials and this looks like the base app to run a series of paid scenarios to be released at a later time.

The scenario selection menu. Some very modern stuff is there, like the use of microwave weapons. 

A two ship F-22 flight (center of the map, blue icon) has been bracketed by enemy interceptors (red icons). At least the B-2 bombers (blue icon over the sea, slightly east of the main action) have been un-noticed so far. An additional F-22 flight just took off in the south. Note the anti-air North Korean launchers.
It plays very well and it doesn't look significantly toned down from its PC counterpart, which is very good in this post-angry birds era (do all mobile games have to be cute and silly?). I didn't see any scenario featuring ground forces in this free app.



Jožo Kundlák said...


I am not sure if I can already raise my hands for adaptations of his other titles (mainly the Panzer series), but who knows? Maybe... :)

Harold said...

Pitty, does not do anything on my Ipad2. Just black..

Rodrigo said...

Same here, it does not work in my tablet samsung 2.

Anonymous said...

It not work on my iPad

JC said...

That's strange and disappointing. Did you post at the app store's feedback section of this app?

Seydlitz said...

Same here. Works not on Kindle HD. Just a black screen.

stciaram said...

Me too only black screen

Greg B said...

Works on my Kindle Fire