Monday, May 20, 2013

Fighting the Desant - ArmA 2 Army of the Czech Republic - Briefing

This is a fictional custom-made scenario of ArmA 2 featuring a platoon-sized Russian heliborne assault across a river. The Czech Army squad under my command is outnumbered and outgunned.

A few hours before the fight. A rifleman from my scout squad along our Pandur II APC.

We were supposedly in the most unlikely place in the border to see enemy action. There are no roads across the border and the only bridge across the river is a railroad one. The railroad tunnel entering our country across the river from Russia was blown a few days ago when tensions reached a peak.

A few hours into the war, we received the order to move towards the town of Bystrica and interdict an enemy heliborne assault across the river. Due to the close terrain, the Russians will insert their forces in echelons. The first wave is likely to be a platoon of infantry.

I've decided that our best chances of spoiling the enemy's bridgehead are by denying him control of the town. The Russians are likely to have support from ground attack aircraft and attack helicopters, so I placed my Pandur II more or less hidden between two buildings. This location is almost at the eastern edge of the town, and the APC is oriented towards a patch of open terrain that could potentially be an enemy LZ. I have hopes that the Pandur gunner can get some of the Russian helicopter transports before they land.
Apart from the 30 mm autocannon and the AT missiles in the Pandur, I have a 4-men team of scouts with just one light machine gun.
The sounds of Russian Su-25s grew louder. They were coming!

Stay tuned for more.



Gowan James Ditchburn said...

cool scenario. I am terrible at making scenarios. best of luck with the Russians. this could either go really well or it could end badly.

I have the Czech army DLC but I have not used it seriously yet. though that could change. certainly they look like they have really nice equipment.

JC said...

Thanks for your comment.

I needed some greenery after all these entries in the desert. That and a conventional war! :)