Saturday, May 25, 2013

DCS UH-1H Huey Beta - Landing the Huey, What I Didn't Listen To and What Nobody Told Me

One entire night without becoming a fireball in the runway. I'm so proud of myself!

The airbase ahead. Since I got this DCS module, this view equalled to "you will die in two minutes".

Up until this very night my landings with the Huey have been pretty much miscarriages of virtual pilotage.

After dozens of crashes, I can now land the Huey safely. Emphasis in "safely". I don't claim perfection or even the most remote semblance to good technique.

What I didn't listen to:
(1) While descending and reducing the airspeed with the cyclic, pull up some collective when the helicopter slows down below 40 kts. This was counterintuitive for me because in general if you are descending the collective should go down or stay put (never up). But with the shrinking airspeed during the approach, the translational lift will go down too and thus the need for more collective. This 40 kts threshold is mentioned in the very official tutorials of the module. You can watch this tutorial in YouTube.

What they didn't tell me:
(2) I didn't know that I can approach a landing spot at 15+ kts, get within a dozen or so meters of it and still have room to slow down to a near hover. I tended to slow down near hover too far away from the landing spot and with the collective shyness problem mentioned above ... I was always going down in a vortex ring state!


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