Monday, April 8, 2013

ArmA 3 - The Rescue of Agent Vidales

This is my first serious attempt to mission editing on the ArmA series. What I mean serious is having a briefing, tasks and an end triggered by accomplishing one of those tasks. Nothing cinematic in the introduction and the ending (no cutscenes), but it was quite a journey and I enjoyed it.

I had to give up on the divers as the special forces conducting this raid. Their organic weapons are apparently from Airsoft and I couldn't figure out how to change their weaponry (always missing something).

Right click and open in a new tab/window for a better view. The tactical situation, map view.
Right click and open in a new tab/window for a better view. Briefing.
Right click and open in a new tab/window for a better view. The mission.

Right click and open in a new tab/window for a better view. Support.
Right click and open in a new tab/window for a better view. Tasks list.
Own forces are a full 10-men squad. I know I am crazy trying to manage so many AI bots in such a perilous situation ... But this time I went crazier: when the player enters Vidales' hideout, the latter joins the former's squad. And so the fun of commanding an 11 men squad starts! Maybe I should give Vidales a gun?

Congrats! You have been given a toxic tactical asset ... Vidales (the guy with the civilian clothes) becomes #11 when you find him.

Who the hell has the demo charges? I've almost blew half the squad trying to destroy the truck with a grenade.
I played this mission plenty of times and my success rate has been less than 25%.



Anthony Mercando said...

Consider this a request for the .pbo made Looks like a smooth mission. Also looks like you have a better grasp of task creation than I do. Might I suggest you release this on

JC said...

Hi Tony,

You got it. All blue infantry (ten total) are playable. Helos are not playable. Is that enough to make it multiplayer?

Ah, and I need to add support-calling capability to more people in the blue team. Right now only the team leader can do it.

As for Armaholic, I'm affraid I will keep this one a bit local until some brave and patient souls that frequent the blog play it. I am not sure this thing is ready for the big leagues.

I will post a link to the mission file in the early hours of Tuesday.


ChrisOl said...

Looking forward to the mission being posted... having fun with Arma 3 so far,

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

I love playing around with the editor on Amra 2 the only problem is its so complicated. I can think of many ways it could have been made easier... but I can't create games so I have nothing.

is it easier for arma 3? Anyway sounds like a cool mission, you also seem to have the same team death rates as I do. though I hate to leave a man behind so I usually restart if I lose to many.

Anthony Mercando said...


That's enough to make it multiplayer. I've had some trouble getting support providers to work properly in multiplayer, however. Looking forward to loading her onto our server!

JC said...


I'm gonna need an additional day or two. I've never packed a folder with the pbo thing. I have the urban patrol script missing in the file and that's not a good thing mission-wise.

Also, I ran the mission in multiplayer last night and found out that an AI control module was not working. I had to run behind Vidales through the hills in order for him to acknowledge he was part of the team. All of this under fire. Funny and not funny at the same time!